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How can sub-consulting save you money?

Oftentimes there is a misconceived notion that if we have too much work for our current employees that the most economical solution is to hire more employees. However, using a sub-consultant can reduce the overall costs tremendously for a quite a few reasons. The following table compares the annual cost of using a sub-consultant versus hiring a new employee.

Let's Illustrate the benefit

Costs New Employee Sub-Consultant
Hourly Rate $20 $40  
Hiring Costs $20,376 [*] $0
Overhead (software, hardware, office supplies, etc.) $10,000 $0
Benefits(Insurance, 401K, Holidays, Vacation, Sick days, etc.) $18,720 [†] $0
Total $90,696 [‡] $83,200

The annual savings for using a sub-consultant versus hiring a new employee is close to $10,000!

This simple table does not take into account the fact that the sub-consultant would be used to provide consulting support on an as-needed basis providing additional savings.

Contact us about our Civil Design services now to begin saving money!

[*] - Average based upon study done by JDA Professional Services, Inc using an assumed yearly salary of $41,600.

[†] - Annual total based upon study done by the Idaho Transportation Board

[‡] - Based upon a total of 2,080 hours worked for the year.