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InMotion Consulting has years of experience in designing transportation projects. We have designed everything from sidewalks and pedestrian trails to interchanges and interstate widening. InMotion has completed all aspects of transportation projects from concepts thru preliminary and right-of-way plans to final construction plans, including but not limited to:

  • Horizontal/Vertical Alignments
  • Drainage Design
  • Staging/Traffic Control Plans
  • Signing and Marking Plans
  • NPDES Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans

GDOT Prequalifiation

InMotion Consulting is GDOT prequalified in the following areas:

  • 1.09 Location Studies
  • 3.01 Two-Lane or Multi-Lane Rural Generally Free Access Highway Design
  • 3.02 Two-Lane or Multi-Lane with Curb and Gutter Generally Free Access Highways Design Including Storm Sewers
  • 3.13 Facilities for Bicycles and Pedestrians
  • 9.01 Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control and Comprehensive Monitoring Program


We have designed projects for GDOT, Counties and Cities throughout the State of Georgia. We have also designed projects in Trinidad and Tobago. Some of example projects are as follows:

  • Sidewalks and Trails
    • Jr. High Drive Sidewalks – Douglas County, GA
    • Noonday Creek Multi-Use Trail – Cobb County, GA
    • Mabry Road Sidewalk and Pedestrian Bridges Phases I and II - Cobb County, GA
    • Robin Road Sidewalks – Cherokee County, GA
    • Woodstock Road Sidewalks – Cherokee County, GA
    • Bascomb Carmel Road and Putnam Ford Road Sidewalks – Cherokee County, GA
  • Intersections
    • Old Canton Road at Roswell Road (SR 120) Intersection Improvements
    • Woodstock Road at Kellogg Creek Road Intersection Improvements – Cherokee County, GA
    • East Willeo Road at Coleman Road Intersection Improvements - Roswell, GA
  • Interchanges and Interstates
  • Interchange Sample
    • I-75 at SR 27 Interchange Improvements – Dooly County, GA
    • I-475 at Zebulon Road Interchange Improvements – Bibb County, GA
    • I -95 Widening – Camden County, GA
    • I-75 at SR 53 Interchange Improvements – Gordon County, GA
    • Churchill-Roosevelt Highway Extension - Trinidad and Tobago
  • Other Roadway Widening and Improvements Including New Location Projects
    • Shallowford Road Hill Cut – Cobb County, GA
    • SR 32 Widening and Reconstruction – Irwin County, GA
    • Widening and Reconstruction of SR 306 – Forsyth County, GA
    • Widening and Reconstruction of SR 72 – Elbert County, GA
    • Cobb County HOV Extension Feasibility Study - Cobb County, GA
    • SR 113 Widening and Reconstruction – Polk/Bartow Counties, GA
    • SR 21 Widening and Reconstruction – Jenkins County, GA
    • Homer Bypass (US 441) - Banks County, GA
    • Widening and Reconstruction of SR 20 – Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, GA
    • Cashtown Road Improvements – Haralson County, GA
    • Bluffton Bypass (US 27) – Clay County, GA
    • Gray Bypass (SR 18 Connector) – Clay County, GA
    • West Rome Bypass - Floyd County, GA
    • Hollingsworth Bypass (US 441) - Banks County, GA
    • Northwest Waycross Bypass - Ware County, GA

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