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AutoCAD® Civil 3D is the breakthrough civil design software using object modeling to effectively accomplish design. The output of that design is controlled by a staggering array of settings and styles.

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AutoCAD® Civil 3D Settings


The settings within Civil 3D can be separated into three main groups:

  • Drawing Settings
  • Feature Settings
  • Command Settings

Within each one of these groups are multiple categories - each with different parameters.

AutoCAD® Civil 3D Styles

The display of the dynamic design model is controlled through a selection of approximately 135 different style types - each type is able to contain hundreds of different styles!

All of these settings and styles are stored within the AutoCAD® drawing creating a management nightmare. What adds to the challenge of keeping all of these settings and styles organized is with each new release are new settings and styles and at times the old settings and styles do not migrate well into the new version.

For this reason InMotion has created a software application which will allow you to create an external library of settings and styles.

The Export and Import Process

IMC3D Settings Manager's Export Settings function allows you to select which settings and styles you want to export out of the current drawing. The settings and styles will be written out to an external file which can be used to import those settings and styles within another drawing or even across versions!

The IMC3D Settings Manager's Import Settings function will not only allow you to select which settings file to use to import settings from but also will then display those settings and styles within a dialog box so that you can pick and choose which settings and styles you want to import giving you full control.

Import Settings FormAnother nice feature is the ability to control whether styles overwrite existing styles within the drawing using the Overwrite Options setting. There are four different options to control whether to overwrite an existing style or not:

  • Always Overwrite
    • This setting will always use the style settings from the external file and overwrite the existing style if one exists.
  • Rename
    • If an existing style of the same name already exists in the drawing this option will still import the style but the imported style will be renamed following a format of [StyleName].#
  • Ignore
    • If an existing style of the same name already exists in the drawing, this option will NOT import the style from the file.
  • Overwrite if newer
    • This option will only overwrite an existing style if the imported style's modified date is newer than the existing style's modified date.

How to Get IMC3D Settings Manager

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