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IMCAD Management

AutoCAD® is such an advanced design software product that being able to support said software and use the software consistently is more than just an IT Manager can handle. Yet, keeping another full-time employee on the books just for non-billable support does not seem to be cost effective.

InMotion has been involved with multiple companies assisting with their CAD Management and Standardization needs. We have assisted multiple national, international, and regional AEC firms.


Using technology, we are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Also, having offices in multiple states allows our professionals to be available for on-site support.


Having been involved in the review process of the National CAD Standards by the National Institute of Building Sciences, there is a strong recognition of the value of a consistent system nationwide. Nevertheless, InMotion has a clear recognition that each company will have distinctive needs. The most important item to quality control is quality assurance through proper support and training encouraging enthusiasm behind the established system.

Evaluation / Development of Company Guidelines

Using the NCS as the basis, we have guided many companies to the benefits of using one system for all. Flexibility is the KEY. There is no one way to create a system of guidelines that can be automatically assigned to every project. Our out-of-the-box ability to define a system that will format itself to any project is the most popular method. Let us show you how it works!

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